Month: April 2015

Cool Meditation Video

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What the heck is a mandlebrot set?!

We are so fascinated by fractal geometry but what is the practical use of it?

What can you do with it?

There is alot of misnomers out there and human thinking tends to muddy the waters.

The truth is fairly simple to begin with.

As reality is a computer program, it is all based on the platform of mathematics.

Everything in this universe is a continuum from the very micro, to the very macro.

The mandlebrot set, also known as buddhabrot because of how it appears to be a meditating buddha, is a fractal that repeats itself infinitely. This is my favorite video of it I found on youtube.

Watch this video and next time you look at a knot on a wood table, or a unique pattern on a carpet, or a vine growing out and curling into itself, or even your own ear as your standing infront of a mirror;

Remember that in everything, there is a code.

It is everywhere, playing on repeat, wearing different outfits but the general design is there.

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