Month: June 2015

Finding Your Meaning of Life – Inspirational Video

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Top 10 Reasons Bruce Lee May Have Been Superhuman

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Germs’ Beat Vaccines At Their Own Game

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A groundbreaking new study finds probiotic ‘germs’ may provide an alternative to vaccination for malaria – a finding that challenges fundamental tenets of both vaccinology and germ theory. 

The development of a malaria vaccine has been a persistent and heavily funded goal now for over half a century,[1] but to date not a single effective solution has been produced.

This is all the more surprising when you consider the roster of powerful organizations presently invested in finding one:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (particularly through PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative)
  • The US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease
  • The European Union DG
  • The United States Agency for International Development
  • The Wellcome Trust
  • The Medical Research Council UK
  • The European Vaccine Initiative (formerly EMVI)
  • The European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership
  • The World Health Organization [2]

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Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist: We’re Living in the Matrix

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