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As time passes, we are going to be adding more great teachers, courses, lectures and books.  This page is a tremendous resource on your journey!



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Experience Your True Essence and Live Your Life’s Purpose

If you’ve lost your way, or wonder why you are here and what purpose you have while on Earth, you’ll love the spiritual rekindling and profound lessons from Dr. Dyer and spiritual guests in this online course!  This is a wonderful and uplifting way to get back on your spiritual track!

You are here for a reason – find out how you can reconnect with the infinite intelligence within and discover your true life’s purpose!

Join Dr. Wayne Dyer and empowering spiritual teachers Anita Moorjani, Immaculée Ilibagiza and Scarlet Lewis in their new online video course, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose Online Course, to discover and live from your Impersonal Self – and behold the infinite intelligence that lies within.

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Thee Silva Life System™ Online Course

Scientifically Proven System for Healing, Manifesting and Living a Better Life


Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Mind!

Why settle for personal growth when you can experience personal EVOLUTION?

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