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Food that boost metabolism naturally

To put it in the simplest terms, metabolism refers to the process by which the body breaks down the calories taken in into energy. It is a complex procedure during which oxygen in the blood cells is used to break down the food and drink to release energy.

The fact is that the energy requirements of the body remain the same on any normal day. When a person takes in more number of calories than are required by the body, it results in fat as those calories are not converted into energy.

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Real Food and Sappy Songs

OK, I don’t know WHAT’s up with me lately but I’m a hot mess. Not in a running-around-like-a-chicken-without-a-head busy way — I actually feel more in control of my workload these days and have worked hard at manage it and my stress — but in an emotional, sappy way.

I shared on Facebook how I almost broke down yesterday while driving Ryan to school on his 10th birthday. Forever Young came on and I tried telling him about the song but I had tears welling up in my eyes.

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Weighing yourself daily can tip the scale in your favor

For those wishing to lose weight and keep it off, here’s a simple strategy that works: step on a scale each day and track the results. A two-year study found that frequent self-weighing and tracking results on a chart were effective for both losing weight and keeping it off, especially for men.

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The Frozen Lemonade Sam Adams Summer Ale Slush You Have to Taste to Believe
sam adams lemonade slush

Last summer I spent a month in Savannah, Georgia, a true American gem that should be on your must-visit list. Aside from soaking up all the history, playing at the beach, and hitting up all the Forrest Gump tourist spots, one of the highlights was attenidng the fifth annual Fitbloggin’ conference.

If you’ve never been, mark your calendars for the last weekend in Denver this year. It’s a life changing three days with an inspiring, motivating, beautiful group of about 250 souls. No matter what your place is in within the weight loss blogging/social media sphere, there is a place for you within Fitbloggin’. And as last year proved, no matter how hot and sweaty you get — be it during one of the morning Zumba classes or out wandering Savannah’s scenic historic district — everyone still has plenty of love for ‘ya.

4 Sculpting Moves You Can Do With a Chair

o workout equipment? No problem! All you need is a chair

Sitting too much is bad for your health, numerous studies suggest. But as AcaciaTV trainer Deazie Gibson demonstrates, a sturdy chair can also be a terrific asset for getting into shape — even when you’ve got no other equipment.

Using only a chair, do 1-3 sets of each of these four simple sculpt moves 3-5 times a week. Put them all together for a total body workout or perform one exercise every time you take a break from sitting.

Exercise can help control blood glucose, and trim waist size and body fat in diabetics

Diabetics who exercise can trim waist size and body fat, and control blood glucose, even if they don’t see cardiorespiratory benefits, new research by UT Southwestern Medical Center cardiologists shows.

Researchers found that waist circumference, percentage of body fat, and hemoglobin A1c levels, a test of long-term blood sugar, all improved in diabetic participants who exercised compared to those who did not. And the beneficial effects of exercise were seen whether they participated in aerobics, resistance training, or a combination of the two compared to a control group that did not exercise.

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Anyone Can Do Yoga: Don’t Limit Yourself

Yoga: Don’t Cheat Yourself

Regular yoga practice has amazing heath and mental benefits. Yoga can be done by anyone of any age level or health level.

One of the philosophies of yoga practice is to be kind to yourself, and to do your personal best. There is no competition in yoga, so you do what feels good without overdoing and hurting yourself. It is a program that increases your flexibility as well as building your stamina.

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How Conventional Salt is Killing You


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