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5 Snacks Low in Calories That Are Actually Delicious

When you decide to start losing weight there will always be times when you need a snack to help with cravings. Most people get a snack that is high in calories and totally destroy their diet. Even though they still eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner they can still make weight loss more difficult simply because they eat snacks that aren’t healthy. This article contains 5 snacks low in calories that actually taste delicious and won’t wreck your diet.

5 Snacks Low in Calories That Are Actually Delicious

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Inspirational Jewelry That Motivates

Jewelry and workouts don’t exactly go together. But, these inspirational jewelry pieces and fit-themed accessories have us rethinking that. Or, are at least making us rock a more mindful and fitness-centered life even when we’re not in workout clothes. From motivating us to be our best to helping remind us to keep going step after step and mile after mile, here are four inspirational jewelry lines that we are loving right now.

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A Blog Summary: Ups and Downs.

This blog is an almost 8 year record of my weight, exercise, and food choices. It’s a wonderful resource for me but has also become a reaaaally long read for newcomers who want to know the story of my weight loss journey so far. I wanted to type up a little summary of what I have done each year and how I have gone from 278 pounds down to 175 and back up to 240 again. Here’s the bare bones of my story, weight-wise, from start to current.

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Fat, sugar cause bacterial changes that may relate to loss of cognitive function

A study indicates that both a high-fat and a high-sugar diet, compared to a normal diet, cause changes in gut bacteria that appear related to a significant loss of ‘cognitive flexibility,’ or the power to adapt and adjust to changing situations. This effect was most serious on the high-sugar diet, which also showed an impairment of early learning for both long-term and short-term memory.

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Dietary guidelines for Americans shouldn’t place limits on total fat intake

Researchers call on the American federal government to drop restrictions on total fat consumption in the forthcoming 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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5 Deliciously Healthy Summer Party Themes



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