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Obesity Overload: United Kingdom Edition

First off I would love to say, “hello” to all of my readers and say that I will be doing a United Kingdom Edition, or the British version of Obesity Overload. I was wanting to stretch out my roots for the Obesity Overload blog. I know that I have readers worldwide, but I wanted to give tips on how to conquer obesity where people are at, not just in the United States of America.

It is quite difficult to work out and to stay fit in a country that endures rain on a somewhat constant basis. Have you ever wondered what has made England fatter than it has been in the past? We will give you some tips and help you guys and gals lose weight quickly and in an

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4 Things Kristie Did to Lose 65 Pounds + Her 5 Day Meal Plan

At 221 ½ pounds Kristie now weighed the same as the heavyweight champion of the world. She couldn’t believe it! She’d been struggling with weight since middle school, but this was too much. So she joined TOPS (Taking Pounds Off Sensibly) and proceeded to lose and gain the same pounds over and over again. Finally she decided, “I’m just going to be overweight and I’m fine with that.”

Then, a couple of years ago, Kristie went in for her yearly physical. When she got the results she was left feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Everything was too high…her weight, her sugar, her cholesterol, even her blood pressure. Facing a lifetime of popping pills brought her to reality. No way was she going to do that! So, she told her doctor, “Let me try to do this on my own first.”

She left knowing she had to do something. But what? For lack of a better plan she rejoined TOPS. This time a couple of friends, Billie Jean and Margie, came with her.

Once again she started losing and gaining. But this time she didn’t quit. Kristie had made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight no matter what. She didn’t care how long it took or how slow the process. Whether it was half a pound a week, a quarter of a pound a week, it didn’t matter. She was going to lose weight.

Billie Jean, Margie, and Kristie started searchin

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Changes Coming, for the 100th Time

 Looks like it’s time to try yet again, make another plan, work on changing for the better and improving my health and weight. Sometimes it get really old, re-starting all the time. But you know, one of these times, it’s going to stick. Maybe this is the time. Maybe today is the first step back to a normal weight. You never know. You have to keep trying. So here’s what I am doing.

Breakfast is something I have figured out, and I know what is best for me even if I don’t always do it. If I eat mainly carbs in the morning, I feel like crap. Sluggish, kind of half sick. I used to eat things like oatmeal or whole wheat toast for breakfast, but in the past five years or so those things just make me feel unwell. I suspect it has to do with blood sugar, which is probably not as level as it used to be, with age and obesity. The breakfasts I can eat now that make me feel good are protein-rich and low to moderate carb. I do fine with a simple protein shake, a Greek yogurt that isn’t sugary, eggs and fruit, or my favorite: bacon (or sausage) and avocado with fruit (or sometimes with a bit of sweet potato). I feel great on those breakfasts. If I just stick with those, it’s a good start to my day.

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Lean despite many calories

Scientists have identified an enzyme in mice that is involved in obesity and metabolic disruptions associated with it, such as type 2 diabetes. When the investigators turned off the enzyme in experiments, the animals did not gain any weight despite being fed a diet that was rich in fat and caloric content. Furthermore, they did not develop diabetes. So far, however, there is still not much evidence that this mechanism also plays a role in humans.

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[Note, on our weight  loss page there is a product that does just this in humans.  The videos are pretty amazing, and this really does work.]

Over 95% of the world’s population has health problems, with over a third having more than five ailments

Just one in 20 people worldwide (4·3%) had no health problems in 2013, with a third of the world’s population (2·3 billion individuals) experiencing more than five ailments, according to a major new analysis.

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Daily sugar-sweetened beverage habit linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

daily sugar-sweetened beverage habit may increase the risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), researchers report. NAFLD is characterized by an accumulation of fat in the liver cells that is unrelated to alcohol consumption. NAFLD is diagnosed by ultrasounds, CT, MRI, or biopsy, and many of the approximately 25% of Americans with the disease don’t experience any symptoms.

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Moderate exercise helps prevent gestational diabetes, reduce weight gain during pregnancy

Women who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to have gestational diabetes, and the exercise also helps to reduce maternal weight gain, finds a study. Gestational diabetes is one of the most frequent complications of pregnancy. It is associated with an increased risk of serious disorders such as pre-eclampsia, hypertension, preterm birth, and with induced or caesarean birth.

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Eating less during late night hours may stave off some effects of sleep deprivation

New studies point to clues for how to offset cognitive deficits and weight gain associated with sleep deprivation by altering timing of meals and snacks

Eating less late at night may help curb the concentration and alertness deficits that accompany sleep deprivation, according to results of a new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania that will be presented at SLEEP 2015, the 29th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC.

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