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Weight Loss Supplements

Personally, I am not a fan of weight-loss supplements. I am a fan of vitamin supplements. Here’s why. First if all we don’t know the long-term effect of weight-loss supplements on the body. How do weight-loss supplements affect the liver? How do weight-loss supplements affect the kidneys? Secondly, they can’t be used forever, so what happens when you stop? People tell me all the time that they will use them until they drop the weight, and then they will stop. However, when they stop the weight returns, usually with some interest. Losing weight is hard for most people. However, keeping it off can be a challenge, especially if you don’t learn how to do it without the help of weight-loss supplements

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Are the data underlying the U.S. dietary guidelines flawed?

U.S. government-issued dietary recommendations continue to evolve over time. In a special article published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, an obesity theorist and cardiovascular health researchers claim that the main source of dietary information used by the U.S. Government’s 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) is scientifically flawed because the underlying data are primarily informed by memory-based dietary assessment methods (M-BMs) (eg, interviews and surveys). In an editorial response nutrition experts suggest that the purported flaws are well-appreciated by nutritional researchers and can be mitigated by using multiple data sources, resulting in valid data.

The data under scrutiny come from the “What We Eat in America” and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (WWEIA/NHANES), a five-decade long study of American’s diet and exercise behaviors. In this case the standard M-BMs employed include asking participants to recall what they consumed during the last 24 hours (24HRs) as well as completion of food frequency questionnaires (FFQs). It is the authors’ contention that these data suffer from five major and potentially fatal flaws.

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Be Consistent and Lose Weight

One of the hardest things in life is to become consistent with something. However, if we want to lose weight, we will need to be consistent with doing it. We can do this by developing good habits. Habits are things that we do consistently without thinking or sometimes even realizing it. We develop habits by doing something over time. Since bad habits are usually more fun than good habits, we tend to gravitate towards them.

If we want to be consistent with doing things that allow us to lose weight, we need to want to do them. They cannot be considered a chore. They cannot be considered work. They, in reality, should be considered fun. They should be considered a game.

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The Mortal Enemy of Weight Loss Is…

Not saturated fat.

Not carbs.

Not sugar.

Not big pharma.

Not big government.

Not Coca Cola, Pepsico, Mars, Lays, or any other billion dollar frankenfood conglomerate.

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Current BMI tests underestimate obesity in teens with disabilities

New approaches, based on body mass index (BMI) or other simple measures, are needed to improve assessment of obesity in adolescents with physical disabilities, report experts. Obesity is a major problem in children and adolescents with mobility limitations, but standard assessments tend to underestimate it, according to the new research.

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Gut hormone-based medications alter how the brain responds to food

Gut hormone-based medications used to treat diabetes, such as GLP-1 receptor agonists, have also been shown to reduce body weight. Researchers have been working to understand how. A new study sheds light on how GLP-1 receptor agonists alter the brain’s response to food, possibly reducing cravings and increasing satisfaction while eating.

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Garlicky Mushroom Cavatappi Pasta Recipe: A Love Story

mushroom cavatappi pasta recipe


Do you remember the Book-It program? It’s Pizza Hut‘s program for rewarding kids for reading. I crushed Book-It. I mean, in first grade, I had piles of those free Personal Pan pizza coupons stacked up at home. About once a month, mom would take me to the neighborhood Pizza Hut to collect my prize. You were only allowed one topping. One.

Here kids, here’s a whole bag of Skittles, now let’s just eat one. Say what?

5 Questions to Ask at Your Farmers Market

I love starting my weekend with a trip to the farmers market. I may start the day overwhelmed by my to-do list, but everything slows down as I start to walk past the tables of vibrant produce, local honey, and artisanal breads and cheeses. Connecting with your food and those who produce it makes you pause, breathe, and appreciate the great gift of real food. You know you’re doing something better for your body and planet by going fresh and local.

However, you can’t take for granted that everything at your local farmers market is good for you and the planet. Supporting your local farmers market can provide  better quality produce and be beneficial to the environment and local economy. However, it is not a guaranty that the produce is free of pesticides, meets safety standards, or that the product is actually from a local source. If you’re not taking the opportunity to get to know your farmer you may not be getting what you bargained for. Here are some questions to ask at your next (or first) farmers market visit.
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10 SIMPLE Drinks that Improve Weight Loss

The successful weight loss secret isn’t just watching what you eat daily. It is also about watching what you drink daily. Popular energy drinks, soft drinks and fruit juices can be loaded with carbohydrates and added sugars which can ruthlessly destroy your plan to lose weight.

Yeah, particularly when talking about increasing your metabolism and helping fat loss, what’s in your glass is as significant as what’s on your plate.So, here are some pretty perfect weight loss drinks to improve your quality of life and achieve the ideal body.

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